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When developing your product/service you need to determine who is your ideal customer/client. This will also result in effective marketing (we will dive into this in a later module)! 

You need to understand everything possible about them, what they like to do for leisure, what they like to buy, where and when they purchase and so on. The more you know the more you’re able to implement strategic communication

Business Model
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Think about your customer’s needs as they purchase from you. What are they doing/ thinking/feeling at each stage? 

Research, Browsing, Buying, Post Purchase, Product Arrival. 

This will help you understand your areas of opportunity so that you can create a more effective offer which will lead to increased sales

Affirmations for 3 O’s

Openness: Continue to Be Open As You Move Forward, you’ll be amazed at the direction your business moves towards 

Opportunity: The World Is Full of Endless Possibilities To Improve 

Offering: Whatever You Choose Your Product/Service To Be, Know That Your Message Is Needed