This Is Your Welcome Package! 

Please complete this packet in full, and completely. Yes, it may be long and some of the questions may be sensitive, however, the all the information in this packet is confidential and by completing this, it allows me to get to know you in depth. That way within our business coaching I can be the best of service to you and help you get results even quicker. 

Please Note:A complete document of you plus a head shot must be sent to me via email at

Name (first, last): 


Date of Birth (yyyy/mm/dd): 


Cell Phone:
(do you have a preferred time for text or phone call, if so when?)

Street Address: 

Home Phone: 


Work Phone: 

Postal Code: 

Relationship Status: 


Your Current Family: 




Relationship To You: 













What are the reasons you enrolled in the program? Why is this program perfect for you? 
Be Specific. 








What is the desired outcome of your participation in this program? Think about your 12-month, 6-month and 3-month goals. 








Why is this the right time for you to complete your goals? Be Specific. 








How committed are you to achieving and completing your goals? 








What personal development work have you done? (Whether through self help or via another coach or mentor). What in those programs were most helpful? What in those programs were lease helpful to you and your growth? 








What are your top 3 strengths? Be Specific. 








What are your top 3 weaknesses? Be Specific. 








Outline 2 fears that have been stopping you from being truly successful in your dreams. 








What is your earliest memory of this fear? Think about timeframe-When, Where, How, Whatand your 5 senses smell, sight, hear, taste, and feel








Describe your relationship with your mother. 








Describe your relationship with your father. 








How do you define success? 








What is your relationship with success? 








Describe your relationship with money. 








What is going to be the most difficult part or your biggest obstacle in means of achieving your greatest vision? Be Specific. 








What is your current profession? If you are currently in business tell me about it in detail. 








When do you REALLY want to be with your business? Think about what is true to you. 








Do you want to develop products or services or both? Describe your ideas so far. 








What is the strength and weaknesses of your new business idea? Be Specific. 








What, specifically, do you want from me as your mentor? What kind of support do you desire and how would you like me to support you with your journey? 








What is your current financial status? Are you in debt? Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck? Do you have capital to invest to develop your new business idea? 








If you are in debt, how far in debt are you? Are you on a particular payment plan to manage debt? What are your credit card percentage rates? Do you personally manage your finances or does an accountant or bookkeeper support you? 








What do you think needs to be changed? How committed are you in changing? 








Do you have a website? If so, what is the URL? 




Do you have youtube/ instagram/ twitter/ facebook platform? If so, what are the links? 








Do you have a brand image (logo, graphics, etc.)? 





Are you a MAC or PC user? Are you an Apple or Android user? 







What is your computer proficiency level (beginner/ intermediate/ advanced)? Explain. 






Do you have a mailing list, email-list? How many people? 






Who is your support system?