5 Helpful Marketing Tips:

Know exactly where you are and have a clear vision as to where you want to go, be consistent, be focused:

1. Embrace marketing and schedule at least 30 minutes a week to improve marketing skills 

2. Practice copywriting (think about the social media posts and emails that get your attention)

3. Connect with your market consistently (create a content calendar, where, when, and how often do you plan to communicate)

4. Notice what works and do more of it and be curious about it (continuously assess your actions!)

5. Be willing and open to learn and access education (we are students for life!)

Remember: (Always Be Marketing

As you move past fear, know that there is always more to learn outside of your comfort zone. 

Headlines are most important aspect of your copywriting- your written communication to your target audience. In efforts of remaining ethical and true, remember that you are continuously in the place of service. In doing so, think about ways that you can give your market rather than what you can get!

Hint- You need to pick strategies that align with your strengths so that you can begin to grow as well as remain focused.  

Call To Action:

click this link, call this number, email this link, click to play the video, reply to this email, leave a comment, register now, order now. The name of the game is making sales all day long. And repeat several times!

List Building:

The money is in the relationship with your audience, the more the audience trusts and values then the more people are going to invest. Use words that are: personal, direct and clear, evokes curiosity, urgent, touches on emotion such as hopes and dreams. Ensure that you remain in alignment with your brand tone and type of business.