The ideal image that people have in mind when they think about your specific product or service. Physical and emotional cues that are experienced when connecting with the company name which results in an identity for your business: Brand Identity. 



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Leverage your unique identity by creating your brand position. This is where you dive deep into what sets you apart from everyone else doing the same or similar business. Whether in your industry or serving the same clients, there are unique values and features that set you apart.

Develop a strong presence and increased loyalty by analyzing how you will consistently maintain value with your target market. Whether that is how they receive your company’s message, where you sell your products, or how often you communicate, with a brand strategy you will continuously be the go to brand for your costumers.

Branding Identity Continued…

When creating your brand identity, think about how you can reinforce this within packaging your brand. What is the look, feel, and thoughts of those who purchase from your? Take into account texture and wording. What problems do you solve through your products and/ or service? Creating things that are relevant to your client increases the trust that your target market has for your brand. 

Take into account your vision (your business goals) and mission (the reason behind your products and/or service). You need a goal and a destination when it comes to anything to do with your business and brand strategy is one of them. Where do you see your products and/or service being sold? How will your clients/customers engage with your message? As you continue to connect remember to stay authentic and reliable through consistency. 

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