You Have What You Need

If you have been following us for a while (Instagram: then you know by now that we are all about authentic living and pursuing your best life in means of making our world a better place.

Sometime it’s not easy. There are days that you begin to wonder whether you are on the right path or even if you should continue to work towards the hustle. Then you begin to see other people living what seems a perfect lifestyle, one that was meant for you. You sit back and begin grinding again… and such is the cycle of most millennials.

But wait, I did not jump onto this blog to write what you already know. I am here to kick you in the ass and let you know that your life is a unique life that only you can achieve. Rather than continuing to compare yourself to everyone else’s wins… take the action that will bring you one step closer to where you know you deserve to be. Why should you even consider taking action towards your passions? Because you are the epitome of where so many others want to be. Through your existence you have been given the opportunity to make a difference for not only yourself but so many others who look up to you.

And yeah, it aint going to come easy. There are going to be ups and downs. There are going to be times where you would rather give up because you believe that it will be easier to get the 9-5 job for the rest of your life. Or wait, maybe it is because you think that you are not ready… don’t have enough… are not enough. But you are. You’ll set yourself a routine. You’ll get up each and every morning and work your ass off for your best life. Yes, people will wonder why you’re doing what you are doing. They might even tell you that you will not achieve what your working towards and your effort is a waste of time. But you’ll push through and you’ll slowly come to see that because you’re living your truth you are making a difference. You are authentically happier and you’re able to plan more goals … bigger accomplishments. And the very same people who told you that you once would not achieve are coming around and encouraging you to continue. You don’t pay any mind to them because they were never your focus. Though you remained focused on your truth. You remain motivated by other like minded kick ass rock stars. And as you continue to push forward…

Remember: God created you as a vessel of change. You have been implanted your seeds of passion because your enough to make a world of change. Your struggles are not for nothing but rather to build strength. Though the catch is, it is up to you whether you will continue to live a life of misery or begin an authentic lifestyle. What do you choose?