Welcome Back From Easter !

Welcome back as I write my first blog since … let’s see, it feels like forever! Yup! It really does. These past few weeks I have been immersed in finishing up hours under supervision (in means of completing my degree) while keeping up with the girls! If you haven’t done so follow us on instagram/kambale.fam where you will be kept current with where we are.
During these past weeks I have been struggling with which direction to walk towards after University. Do I take up that government position that pays super well while running this brand part-time or … do I place full focus on the brand’s growth that thousands of people have come to know. After much prayer and conversation, I have finally come to piece with focusing on brand growth.

You may also be in a flux. Being stuck with so many different options but not knowing which one to choose. Throughout this journey clarity has been gained. There are so many different angles to look through within one opportunity. An example? Employment after graduation:  

a) Do you take time off after graduation and travel or… do you go straight into work?
b) Do you stay living where you are and commute or …do you relocate closer the job?

One of the hardest struggles now a-days is that there is so much distractions. There are so many different opportunities to get lost wherever you may be irregardless of who you are. There is the expectations of others, though often this comes from what we think others expect of us. One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is keep anchored to your WHY. What is your reason for doing what you do? Once you have established this, no matter how weary the storm your focus will be maintained.

P.s. And YES! consistency breeds success 

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