A Progressive Lifestyle

This week’s blog has been the hardest to push out! The struggle is about getting back into the momentum. Being able to once again find the discipline in means of composing a blog topic. Though for you I will.

You may recall our last blog topic was in regards to personal will. The ability to preserve in overcoming obstacles in means of accomplishing your goals (whether big or small). A large part of accomplishment (aka success) has to do with organization and your support network. The ability to remain focused and to count on others who are there to support you throughout your journey.

As you know these past few weeks away from blogging a large part of my time has been invested in celebration. Being able to enjoy the presence of others who have watched me prosper through my undergrad and celebrating the life of our little during her second birthday celebration.

Over this time I have also receive questions in regards to how I organize my life in means of accomplishing multiple projects at once. If I were to sum it up into three words I would say self  care and support. Yes ! It’s the mindset that you carry into that particular project (task) and your humbleness to build a team.

Self care: Being able to prioritize yourself as first priority. Once you are good then the energy around you feeds off of your vibes #positivevibes . In a previous blog (link) I spoke about waking up to meditation and setting your intentions. Generally I plan to wake up at 6:30AM and immediately enter into prayer. Meditation brings renewed energy and focus. For me self care can also be yoga at the gym or a leisure walk around the neighbourhood. Once your cup is filled you have so much more to give.

System: Within my system I am able to organize what tasks I will complete for the day in means of Going to bed and reflecting moments of growth and opportunities for change. During this time I am able to organize the next day’s, week’s, month’s goals and priorities. I start by looking at my furthest goal (month’s) and planning down into smaller (week’s) and smaller (day’s) tasks to be completed. Being able to live a life in a linear manner provides a compass in which I focus my energy.

Support: Being humble enough in means of seeking help. There are so many people around you that are looking to provide you with support. For me this means being okay with our girls being in full time programming so that I can accomplish work in means of having a better future. That means missing out on some family moments or open communication with hubby so that he can complete some household chores, etc. In terms of branding, that means investing in an assistant who holds greater knowledge so that our brand continues to grow even without my presence.

In summary, that with faith, organization, and time your dreams will come to fruition. Prioritize yourself so that you are clear internally as to where your compass is leading you. Create a system that works for you in means of having an effective and efficient lifestyle that builds you in a way that is in alignment with who you are. Be humble enough to seek support because you can not do it all.  

Remember: Everything starts from within. Once a system is mastered, less energy is required in means of maintaining focus. 

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