The Month of October

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Travel to Uganda:

It has definitely been a while since the last blog and much has happened since then. Our family has had the opportunity to head down to Uganda to do missions with Watoto Church and spend time with those we love. The girls had a blast travelling and connecting with the cousins as they dove into cultural identity. With our oldest (Flavia) being 8, she really enjoyed being able to engage with the music and food that Uganda had to offer.

Professional Growth:

However, we are back in Canada and a month of school has already passed! Along with moving cities, I have accepted a career offer of full-time employment with the Saskatchewan Government. This will aid efforts of creating stable income for our family and sustainable growth for our Lady Via Community.

With so much change, there have definitely been moments of fear that have risen especially during the planning phase prior to taking the action, however, once the action was made it was certain that this was the right decision. What has assisted in what action steps to take during this process has been my end goal and acknowledging past mistakes. Realizing that it takes investment for stable business growth assisted me in ensuring that I would be able to do just that. As well, I have been able to understand the importance of career development as I move forward within my business. Does this make senseÉ It was the knowing that I would have to continue to perfect my craft in means of better serving those who seek our services. To serve from a place of love rather than to serve for financial pressure.

The Month of October:

With thanksgiving just around the corner, and Halloween to complete the month, love, warmth, and happiness fills my heart. A season that clears space for those who matter most to us.

Oh goodness! And to think, only 3 more months until 2020!! What an opportunity to complete the tasks that you have set out to complete, or to refocus and concentrate on that one goal that you have been meaning to achieve.

Stereotypes and Stress:  

Tonight I had the privilege of connecting with Anthony McLean’s, a biracial child who gained insight by not fitting into the molds of society. Identifying as a black child in the province of Ontario, he came to realize that he was more than the expectations of others. He came to realize that his voiced not only his truth but the truth of others. McLean’s presentation was on stereotypes and how our unconscious biases hinder us from truly experiencing greatest potential. That our difference matters. That diversity is a strength for our global community.

A stereotype can be defined by the ideas that we have about a person that we do not know because of their race or religion.

When we hold stereotypes we perpetuate the insecurities of others leading to brokenness such as violence and war, for example. What is needed is the understanding and acceptance that we all belong and that it is through the use of diversity we are better off. Diversity adds strength within our communities as we lean on various perspectives. Lady Via Community holds the goal to create an inclusive space that is safe for us as individuals, families, and larger communities so that we can continue to live a life that is in tune with our internal truths.

You Belong:

It is amazing to really be present with your truth. To truly be connected with your purpose as you work towards your greater vision. To know that you are greater than your current circumstances.

With focus you realize how little the people and situations that occur have very little impact on who you are and where you are going.

Self Care:

The trick is to detach yourself from the outcomes that you fear and to focus on what you can control. So much of stress is wrapped up in the anticipation of what could possibly happen rather than reality. So much of our future is based on our fears of past experiences.

What has been effective within my busy schedule of marriage, young children, work, business, and a not-for-profit; has been 5 Stress Management Tips.








5 Stress Management Tips:

1. Meditation Each day close your eyes for a few moments and sit with your internal energy. Begin to understand how you currently feel.

2. Water! Wash off impurities, drink lots of water to keep you hydrated.

3. Be present with your current moment as you focus on the tasks that you are  currently taking action on.

So often we get distracted by social media- focus on who you are with or what you are doing. Rather than focusing on fear, take action and you’ll see yourself continue to move towards a life of joy and happiness.

4. Prioritize your needs as you set healthy boundaries around your relationships. Also, schedule time for what is really helpful by using day planners or your online calendar.

Yup! That is right. I have more than one day planner to help me organize my tasks within my personal and professional life and to ensure I maintain the vision that has been granted to me

5. Connect with others within a supportive environment. As you relate to others you increase your sense of purpose, and in turn gain clarity around your life’s journey.

November 9th Lady Via will be hosting our Women’s Workshop in Saskatoon in partnership with Plantworshops. We will use this time to connect in community as we dive into self care.

So often we focus on being the helper and taking care of our families, making sure our team is okay at work, that we end up spending little-to-no time on ourselves. We end up living a life that is not in alignment with our internal truth. Protect your energy and you live a lifestyle that is in alignment with your internal truth.


Spend time with those who love you and that are ready to support your goals.

November At A Glance:

With November just around the corner. We take on the colour purple. Together we acknowledge domestic violence month and the importance for healthy boundaries. We use the colour purple to symbolize the strength and courage that we have within to ensure we are living our best life.

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