The Frugal Uplevel

So by now we’ve come to the conclusion that less is more… at least it’s my hope that we have. With the completion of any goal comes open doors and with that comes opportunity and responsibility. Whether you have finished something big or small, you’ve definitely uplevelled.

As a clinical social worker… yup ! A professional!! I have often brainstormed ways to strengthen my brand… typically ending up having to purchase something new whether a computer software or even office space only to end up not using it. So here I am to tell you… you don’t need to make that purchase. Yes it’s new but will you really end up using it? If you think that you might then what are ways that you can achieve the same result at a lessor price.

Let me give you an example. I.e. Office Space! Do you end up purchasing an office space or do you work from home? Of course’ your level of business greatly influences the choice you choose but if you’re reading this then…no… you don’t need that fancy expensive thing! You might ask, “what about the motivation?” Always finding yourself getting side tracked at home? Or you think that getting that new thing might add to your business? Well my friend, I am here to remind you once again, Don’t do it!

Work from home. It’s that simple. Set up a structure from your place that works for you. Often times it might feel great to get something NEW to celebrate, though it is so important to know that you can make the money back (including your labor). Use what you have.

Rather than a white board… like everyone else seems to have… I write on my mirror. Hey it’s free! AND it continues to cultivate ways within my life to stand out. Ways that I am authentically different from those pursuing the same niche. Why is this important? It then enables my potential clients to see my work. And clients haven’t stopped calling since. So, Yes! It works.

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