The Gift of The Holiday Spirit: How to Have a Kickass Month That Will Lead to You Killing It !

The holidays spirit is near as December has arrived. December. A gift. You are asked if you are physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually ready to enter a new phase within your life. To be consistent towards your smaller goals so that you can achieve your bigger goals. To hold integrity within yourself.

Ask And It Shall Be Given

Ask for guidance. The ability to make sound decision when it is needed. As we continue to become one and to serve in ways that bring change to the world in which we are in.

Guidance Check List:  

(Some ideas of what to ask for during your morning mediation and throughout your day)

1. the power to become all that you are intended to be

2. the power to serve in the way that you are called to serve

3. to reach heights that are scary yet to be reminded that you are worthy of accomplishment

4. to use money to share your message in ways that change our worlds on a larger scale

5. to nurture and care for the abundance that is granted

6. to take action each and every day that brings you closer to serving
7. to lead you away from distraction

The voice of the Lord is real

It is easy to get trapped in despair and darkness though there is a stronger power within us. It is so easy for us to miss out on greatness and get stuck in darkness.
When you serve from a place of love, you see what others do not see, things become a clearer.

Each and everyday there are experiences of distraction though it is our duty to rise and become more. To be focused and intune, to surrender to our higher power… our creator.

Together we push for change. 

Sharon KambaleComment