Roadmap: The Relevance of Fear

You may already know I am a huge fan of femprenuers who move our world in ways that have never been thought. Who continue to pave opportunities for those of us who know we’re called to lead.

So this morning I hopped onto the Lisa Nichols show and as always was taken aback as to the insight she had to share. A viewer had connected stating how they had left their stressful day job at a Law Firm because their passions were else where. They were passionate about creating and so thought that it was time for them to dive into creating. However, upon leaving the Law Firm immediate regrets began to surface. How were they going to fund their passion? In brief, the conversation went as follows:

Viewer: How do you manage negative self talk? How do you make bold moves when you don’t have a solid action plan?

Lisa: ...Fear is our friend. Fear is relevant and necessary as any other emotion. Fear is fueling you to go get more answers. When you go get the thing that you need you lessen the fear. Fear is a conversation of what you think might happen … make a strategy to make things work.

Lisa took a step further by concluding on how she had worked a day job in means of buying her freedom. From a stable income she placed aside income that enabled her to maintain a living while saving for the passion she was called to live. Her savings where called Funding My Freedom.

My perspective? It takes money to make money.  I definitely agree with being able to have steady income in means of financing one’s passion. Often times we observe the successes of others without consideration of how they got to where they are. In addition to being responsible for our own (not to mention others i.e. family) living while we’re working at whatever drives us, it is so important to place forward a strategy. This will require you to do things that you have never done before. To live outside your comfort zone as you place your pride aside. You will need to have a concrete strategy … a linear action plan … in means of getting to where you are called to be. You may have already touched success though do not know how to get there again. A strategy will provide you a clear path on how you are going to get there again and again and again. To be able to outline how you got to the success that you reached is essential on being able to repeat and uplevel. Was your success based on commitment, consistency, mindset, behavior, thought? Take the action that you know you will remain committed to.

Remember: Envision the place that you are wanting to be and be there. Act as though you are already there. You inadvertently will be there.

Sharon KambaleComment