Now Is The Time to Let Go and Rise

Today I woke up with the confirmation that there is so much more potential within this world. That we live in a state of constant fear which holds us back from attaining our maximum capabilities. You see, this is important because by living only a piece of our truth, we are limiting not only ourselves but those that matter to us.

Self Awareness

You must first understand that in order to experience a life of consistent success and happiness, you are called into greater self awareness. The ability to recognize your strengths and weaknesses as you continue to discover ways of leadership. You are to lead rather than follow. It is through the value of your ideas that your worth is found. It is essential to acknowledge your weaknesses because lasting leadership is only found through cooperation of other’s strengths. The ability to switch out your weakness with the strengths of others, commonly known as collaboration or team work. Take on consistent work ethic and the skill to counteract trials and discouragement, it is at this point that you will begin to experience true success of the goals that you put forward.

You are to define that which truly resonates with your inner being. The ability to focus on what you love and what you are good at. Begin to take notice of what people compliment you on, and the tasks that bring you energy. Be in connection with faith and community as you think of ways in which you can give back to that which matters to you. Place in the work and you will reap the benefits.  


Commit to your dreams not by dreaming but rather by having a clear plan. An action plan. Take the steps to accomplish the dreams that you know you are worthy of. 

Today is the day that you will be able to peel back the layers and become all that you are meant to be. To be able to pour into those who need to hear your message so that they can rise to greater heights. The levels that they are meant to rise.  

There is so much that we are yet to learn, not only about ourselves but those we are connected to. Reflect and allow this push you forward. The realization that we are not where we are going to end up. There is more to this world than what we see. You are experiencing only a small piece of the whole pie. Better yet, through imagination and consistent action, you determine your destiny.

There are things that will make living a whole lot easier and that stems from self awareness. The awareness of one’s self while they maneuver through this world of noise. 


Today is that day that you can begin to take steps in the right direction because you have a burning desire to do so. To be able to push forward as you become all that you are meant to be, to ask the right questions in means of moving to the right place, and to do the work. That means being able to wake at odd hours of the day so that you can complete what it is you need to work on. To be able to hire outside contracts so that you can focus on what you are meant to focus on. 


Look I just hired a cleaner so that she can come into our home and be able to help us create an environment of balance. It has taken me so much time to get to this place, but I am very happy I did. I have moved out of my own way so that I can feel a lot better in means of becoming more so that I can serve at a deeper level. 

Love yourself enough to be able to create the lifestyle that you know you are worthy of living. Be able to partner with those who will understand the importance of you investing in a dream that you know is yours. By centering yourself in the right position you will begin to experience wholeness in all areas of your life: personal, family, financial, environment, community, etc. 

Surround yourself with repetitive affirmation.


Step 1. Take out a note pad or sticky note and something to write with.
Step 2. Write down words of encouragement that are in the present tense, are specific, and what you truly believe.

Tip: Start with “I am…” and fill it with your strengths.

Step 3. Mount this where you will see both morning and night. Places of reminder can be your night stand, bathroom mirror, or even your fridge!


What we surround ourselves with we begin to subconsciously assume and in turn in act. This is commonly seen with the people we associate ourselves with. Whether it is the way that they dress or talk, we too begin to communicate the same.

We always love hearing from you and look forward to our next post.

Sharon KambaleComment