How to truly move forward this year !

The New Year. It is all around us. It is all around you. Being able to dream up goals that will place you a head of where you once where. Being able to create a lifestyle that is true to you. Authentically you. 

You are ready to move forward from guilt, shame, resentment, and selfishness and to open yourself up to more. To what you know is waiting for you. Rather than reliving the past you are ready to live a new life. 

Forgiveness. Building hope the future.  Will you forgive or fester?

A light of hope. An opportunity to grow. To lead with confidence rather than shutting down in depression or anxiety. To increase your frequency. You are ready.  

It is within this moment that you decide to forgive. You are free to create new experiences and increase the opportunity to achieve greater goals. 

You take steps to move you forward:  

1. Find Compassion 

Be able to find the potential within others and to be able to encourage the development of community.

2. Take Responsibility 

Comparison is the devil. Whether a side hustle or steady job, so much time and energy is spent checking other lanes. 

3. Become Happy  

Know your strengths and understand the value you bring into your community. Focus and service will propel you much further as it takes consistency. 

4. Become Aware  

Make certain that the people you work with understand their value. You become effective as you understand your two most important values. How does this show up in your behavior? 

5. Accept Emotion 

Acknowledge the emotions that you experience. Accept without judgement. 

Though most importantly. You hold space for empathy. Empathy for not only others but also yourself


It is not about the experience itself but rather the emotion under the experience. It is about 

being able to connect through relationships. To be able to authentically hold space for others. 

As you more forward this year… 


Know and accept your worth. Recognize that we are not all meant to live the same life. There are some of us who are at different frequencies than others. There are some of us that are for … while others are against. And that’s okay. Our differences are what enable us to have a world of vibrance. 

“Stay open and get curious”, Brené Brown 























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