How to Manifest Abundance

First and for most, I wanted to remind you that you are beautiful beyond measure. Know that you are worthy of attaining all that you have ever dreamed. Whether that may mean emotionally, financially or whatever you truly desire.

Reflect On Your Why  

Take a minute to reflect on why you want a better life than you already live? What will a better life mean to not only yourself, but also those that mean most to you? Are you ready to do the work? To make sacrifices no matter what? What ARE you willing to risk in means of creating the abundance that is meant for you? 

Build Healthy Habits 

Consistency breeds success. So often we get cut from living our best life because of our limiting beliefs. It is so much easier to stay stuck in a life that we already live because of habit. It take work to break free of the habits that are not working for you in means of building a lifestyle that you are most proud of. It comes with the ability to let go and to create change. The ability to heal from your past as you move forward into your future. 

Activities for Success: 

1. Morning Meditation (10 minutes) 

Take time in the morning to sit with yourself. This may be as quick as 10 minutes. Begin to clear your mind and focus on your inner you. 
(Breath for 7 breaths and out for 11 breaths – it makes a world of difference).

2. Stream of Consciousness (20 minutes)

Take out a journal and a pen. Begin writing down all that flows from your mind at this very moment. Release your energy onto the page without thought or judgement. Start to envision where you desire to be. Envision yourself taking the steps (whether a path along the beach, an upwards staircase, or whatever steps you want) to get there. 

Self Care 

So much of your time has been spent on helping others. As a leader and a trusted friend you often poor into the lives of others with limited time spent on yourself. Compassionate and Loving you are. Though take that same energy and place it back into you. Self Care.

Fill your cup up so that you begin to experience change.

Emotional (Sleep) Mental (Read)  Spiritual (Meditate) Physical (Walk)

Create a routine that works for you.

Remember that in the process of change YOU matter. In order of truly building a lifestyle that is sustainable, you need to be willing to take care of you.

Sharon KambaleComment