How to Accomplish Your Big Vision


Happy Spring! 

This month we focus on following through on your big vision. Whether it is a goal that you have created recently or one that you have had for a long time, we all have something that we would like to achieve. 

Often times we get stuck in other people’s perception of what you should be doing or what you may not be doing right. Whether a family member or a stranger on Instagram, it is so easy to get stuck in another person’s judgement. As we are often limited by the negative perception of someone else we loose focus on what we are aiming to achieve.

By studying both the successes and the failures of those we admire, we begin to understand what it has taken for them to achieve what they have. We become aware of the values that they encompass and the roles that they carry forward in means of giving back.

As you begin reflect, evaluate what you feel would work well for you and what it will take to implement action.

Oprah Winfrey

For example, Oprah Winfrey. Commonly known as a world leader, she began her life challenged by social circumstances that stemmed within her family history. Rather than being limited by the expectations of others, she began to dream of a life much different than her reality, one that she truly believed that she could achieve. As she progressed along her journey she became clear as to what it was that she needed to do, the actions-steps that she needed to take on in means of transforming her life to what she knew she was worthy of living.

Take Action

As you move forward… may you too begin to understand your own journey and how your experiences and paradigms shape who you are today.

As you move forward… you will continue to recognize moments of stress and that is okay! Stress will be useful in means of pushing you forward. As you begin to take action you will increase your confidence which will lead you to where you are meant to be. 

Continue to fight for what you know is right. As you continue to believe, take consistent action. And remain focused on your big vision. Where do you imagine yourself to be 1… 2… 5 years from now? 

Your Purpose

As you reflect, you realize that you have had to encounter years of struggle to be where you are today. You have had to face hard times in efforts of gaining growth and optimizing your strength. As you move forward, know that you are loved and your purpose matters. 

The realization that life is not a straight path but rather an adventure. Life is a process that you will begin to move forward and figure out as long as you believe and take the action needed to create your larger vision. 


You will be challenged by insecurities. Though it is about maintaining balanced motion in efforts of sharing your message with the community you identify with. 

Continuously connect with those who embody where you are being led. Allow your fear to be the energy that propels your forward rather than the limitation to live your greatest potential.

Available to you is our online Instagram of daily affirmations. 

Originality Rather than Authenticity

It is from your experiences and knowledge that sets you apart. You are able to share unique components that have not been shared the same way as someone else who is achieving what you are currently desire.

It is through a clear vision that you begin to authentically attract the life that you love. To serve in the way that you are meant to serve. It is by living a life of love that you will begin to change the world towards the better. At the end of the day when you check in with yourself , reflect on where you currently are? How do you feel? Are you moving towards where you want to be?


It is through your happiness that you will begin to effectively impact the world we live. 

Sharon KambaleComment