Gratitude For Your Inner You

Can you believe the first week of March has already gone by. With spring coming up so fast and flowers starting to bloom. I can not help but reflect on the growth that is happening all around. Whether it is within the community or the females that are close to heart. Growth remains constant. 

Where are you now…

Being the third month of 2019 you may wonder how much you have attained. You may feel as though you are not where you want to be and that there is still so much that you want to get done. That there are all these tasks that you set out at the beginning of the year, and you have not even completed half the goals that you said you would complete by now. Or is it hat you started the year off really encouraged and motivated but somewhere … somehow… you have lost momentum. 



Have gratitude for you inner self 

May you be reminded that life is a journey and not a destination. Acknowledge that you are where you are and that in itself is further than you were yesterday. Whether it is a change in direction or have completed at least one task, know that today you are further than you have ever been. 

Have gratitude within yourself and appreciate all the work that you have placed forward. Know that you will achieve anything that you place your heart and your mind to. Yes. It life may have not always been fair. There have been moments of struggle, of hardship but you are here today. You are here now. You have a choice to change and reshape yourself so that all else that follows is so much than you have ever experienced. Leave the past in the past, and trust in the future. Know that right now you are where you need to be. 


What are you dreams?

Love all of you. As you begin to love, you begin to attract experiences and open up places that have not been explored before. Share your gift with those who need to hear your message. Become cognizant of your higher purpose.

And Remember:

The dreams of your life will have more meaning when you tie them to serving your community.
(inspired byDr. Tererai Trent)

Sharon KambaleComment