God's Web: Creating Greater Abundance

It is the last Thursday before Christmas! Two weeks from now and it will be the first Thursday of 2019. Crazy how fast time flies when we are being effective and creating space for greater abundance.

In this blog I would like to discuss ‘God’s Web’. It is about being able to see God in different spaces within our lives. Good or bad. Big or small. It is about being able to pour into the connections we are gifted with a renewed perspective. A perspective lead by God.

We may not always want to submit to where we are lead though once we do we recognize that life is so much greater than ourselves. We overcome.  

For Example:

The other day I had an encounter a friend that I had known for several years. At the time they were dealing with financial strain. They knew that they were meant for more though they were living less than.

It was only after providing them the space to speak that they were able to communicate their experiences for me to better understand how come we were not at our best in terms of connecting.

Initially I had thought to ignore and move forward, however, there was a stronger desire within me. With strength I maintained self control, with patience I stayed, and with empathy I listened. It is because of my own self awareness and acceptance that I am able to lead authentically. That other’s triggers are not that of my own but rather I am able to turn that energy into something greater.

Through authentic leadership we were able to gently steer our communication to one of deeper understanding.


When you follow God life becomes increasingly interesting and exciting. You are aware of God within all details of life. As you become aware of the greater existence within diverse levels of you life, begin to take recognition. Recognize how small gratitude webs into bigger abundance.


Sharon KambaleComment