Faithful Living

How has your week been? This week has definitely been crazy busy for us.
With brand growth and wrapping up our launch it was definitely exciting as we accomplished goals that we have been working towards for some time.

This week also entailed us being able to capture a very special moment with a very special lady. Invited into her story I am witness to this strong mama. A survivor of her husband’s death only a few weeks prior to the birth of their baby boy. A forced birth due to ecamplsia: a condition caused by high blood pressure followed by coma or threat to the health of mother and baby (Webster’s Dictionary). In turn I too am blessed. I am gifted her testimony of strength and determination.

As I support their journey through way of photography, she comments “Thank you. I have not been given the opportunity to see through your angle”. The window to life through a photo. A beauty and her beast. Her fighter. Yup! This little handsome. To be able to welcome him into this world has been such a joy.

As a mama who has also experienced a birth that was not easy (our first baby) I can relate to this story on many levels. Birthing a child into this world with an unexpected adventure which awaited us. As published, “I remember like it was yesterday. A grey Friday morning in August, 2011. I woke up in a state of agony. I knew it was time. The birth of my first born was just moments away. As we made our way towards NICU…” (Envision, Sharon Kambale). Being a mom is such a special position though with it comes much responsibility.

With a challenged birth story or life story, we are placed in positions that make us grow. We are asked to love in ways that we could not imagine. More importantly we were provided an opportunity to aspire into who we are meant to be. A journey that has granted us the fuel to presevere further within our paths. An authentic journey leads to authentic growth.

You may be struggling with an obstacle that life has brought in front of you. Perhaps it may be easier to blame … to feed into the negativity that surrounds you. Perhaps you might wonder what better than to shut off and become cold. Maybe this looks like staying in bed all day or giving up on the goals that you have worked so hard towards… a feeling of depression or anxiety. A feeling of remorse or frustration. Irregardless of where you are in life, know that you are meant for so much greater. With the obstacles that you face may you gain the fuel… the strength to overcome even more.

Remember: With struggle comes strength.

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