Event Collaborating During the Holiday Season

I sit here and it is near midnight, yup, I’m writing a blog because I have promised to send out a blog everyday between the months of December for the days 1-25.
Often times when I compose a blog I connect within my network to see what everyone is up to and what is relevant to talk about. Today I connected with people over a variety of my social platforms.

Following up with Laura Amada from Crossing Cultures Catering. As we had done a brand photo shoot this past weekend, I was able to finally send all edited photos to her. If you are new to the Lady Via community, apart of what we do is photo shoots (both professional and personal lifestyle, family, etc.). Apart of our brand is being able to inspire others to tell their story behind what they do… to share the purpose behind who they are. This encompassed her brand story.

Moving Forward

Zita Seshie-Doe and I connected. As scholar activist, she is passionate about empowering the next generation of African ladies. With a PHD in sociology from the University of Saskatchewan,  she has spent much of her research and time investing in the education of girls, more on this later.

Over lunch we discussed our plans to uplevel this year’s Black History Month. To be able to share our purpose as we reached the many girls and women who are needing to here our message. 

Stay tuned to see what February brings our way! 

Sharon KambaleComment