Departure and Our Mix Up!

Disneyland Resort was more than expected! Growing up with Disney stories whether through movies or stories, it was amazing to be able to share moments with our girls. We look forward to our next destination spot!

Throughout our vacation we experienced many hiccups, one during departure. Due to California fires our flight was delayed. Initially we had booked our flights home to go directly into Edmonton, however, this did not end up being the case. Our flight was cancelled and we ended up heading into Vancouver. This put us back a day, which added the experience of being able to visit Vancouver, FREE of charge. A blessing in disguise. This was the first the girls and I had been in Vancouver which was nice to be able to visit. We stayed here for two days and a night in Marriott Hotel in the executive suit. Yup! That was well enjoyed! Not to mention we also got to experience Uber Eats (and room service) for the first time! We ordered sushi. 

Mhmm…. we have definitely been living under a rock.

With Vancouver’s weather being of light rain and 15.C we were of no complaints! After our stay at the Marriott, we headed into Edmonton to visit family (the girls’ paternal cousins).

The biggest take away from this trip would have to be patients. In my head I had a specific idea of a plan and how things would go, however, I found myself needing to leave room to adjust. Yes, it did help to have an idea of what our days would look like, however, it became important for us to be able to relax and enjoy the moment of what we were experiencing. On a larger level, this reminded me about life. Often times we have an idea of the actions we would like to achieve, however, sometimes life thows us a rench. I think during these moments we are asked to keep faith and to remember that life is much more than perfection.

Life is about moving past the hiccups and being flexible with change.

Sharon KambaleComment