Cultivating Your Brand: ft. Laura Jones

Today the girls and I had the honour of joining Laura Jones from Crossing Cultures at her Christmas Pop Up. Invited to capture the story behind her brand was exciting. This was an opportunity to depict the several relationships: mom and daughters, sisters, friends, colleagues, and more that are touched by her brand. Known to be the “Crepe lady” she creates memories through innovating different flavours within her crepes.

Inspiration from her crepes have come from her global travels. Within her travels she has had the opportunity to interact with diverse cultures which she has held the desire to bring this back into her brand. The importance of embracing different backgrounds to truly understand our interactions with the world around us.

Growing up, mom would often share stories with food. One of my favourite childhood memories are connected to crepes. Growing up in Sweden mom would share how crepes were easy to cook, similar to a Swedish Pancake. Whether sweet or savory there were diverse fillings to choose from. Being able to share this memory with our girls as we bit into Laura’s crepes was a definite privilege.

Foundation has been reflection upon with our girls. We have had the opportunity to revisit our family history through the elegance of Crossing Cultures Catering. The ability to story tell as others have drawn connection with those we have encountered during the holidays.

As you take time this holiday season, reflect upon family traditions. Think of some favourite memories that you identify with. Connect deeper to who you are.

Sharon KambaleComment