Authentic Opportunity: A Feminist Approach

Have you heard? Beyonce’ at Coachella, Cadi B’s pregnancy, and Tamera Mowry little girl? These hard working mamas are uplevelling to the max! Love how they’ve defined their journey irregardless of the negativity that they have encountered. You too might be desiring to advance whether within a relationship, financially, or even just because… but there are so many challenges.  I can not stress enough how important it is to understand that wherever goal you might be working towards, it is super important to surround yourself with others who are also on the path to authentic amazingness.

If you’re following us on Instagram by clicking here kambale.fam you’ve been informed that I have received a contract right out of uni! Yup, that’s right! I have been able to gain guaranteed income within a position that I am passionate about: women and counselling. Whether you are still in university, undergoing a career change, or running your own business, you have goals of where you want to be any why. During this process there will be moments where depression, anxiety, self doubt may occur. I know that the greatest aspect of it all is your mindset. Do you believe that your worthy of being where you want to be. There will be people and situations that will challenge you along your journey but the strength the preserve comes from your confidence; your ability to understand that despite what your previous life has looked like, you are worth all the abundance that comes your way.

For me I struggled with mental health illness and a lack of self esteem that often triggered a relapse into a negative cycle within my earlier life. As many of you know my story has been published winning Best-Selling Author. You can purchase COURAGIOUS WORLD CATALYSTS by clicking here.  

Have been blessed with the opportunities to learn quick and to take initiative before being provided the opportunity, I have curried that into my present life. Reflected into my university career I have made opportunities for myself through supporting initiatives that I have believed in. In turn, this has granted me countless opportunities that I have been able to grow within and move me forward to the next stage of life, hence being provided a stable contract as a female counsellor.

Something that I have learned from conversation with diverse people, is the importance of being able to learn from those that are not doing the same as you. That is, being able to connect to different people that are in different industries and of different perspectives. This will grant you ideas that will benefit you in the future. Also not being afraid to define your life. Look for ways that you can develop the areas that you are passionate about and are able to continue to advance within. If you are unsure of what your strengths are that’s even a greater reason to try different opportunities. Once you recognize where your strengths and passions are then remain consistent. Continuously open yourself to learn within intention. Understand the process of your growth not always looking for a reward or a result. Recognize that everyone learns differently. Accept that you are unique. And cherish your achievements as it is at those moments where your confidence is built.

P.s. Thank you for following our journey. We love hearing from you. Remember that everything is about mindset. Once you believe, all is possible.

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