Arrival to Anaheim, California

Welcome to a three-part series where I will share

Part 1: Arrival to Anaheim, California; 
Part 2: Our visit at Disneyland Resort; and 
Part 3: Departure and our mix up!

I thought to hop on and share our travels to Anaheim, California and Western Canada.

It was the first time that we were able to travel out of the country on an international flight. We took this opportunity to travel to Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier, and Disneyland Resort! Yes, that’s right we travelled to Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure. On our way back home we had the added privilege to travel to Vancouver, British Columbia; and Edmonton, Alberta. Both an exciting and learning experience!

This was an exciting experience as we (as a family) were able to tour both California and Western Canada. Our stay was at an Airbnb, in Orange County. A life saver! If you are travelling in a group, I highly recommend a residential lodging as it equips you with the comfort of home away from home! In our residential we were blessed with a three-bedroom apartment enclosed with a living room, kitchen, front porch, backyard and access to a laundry suit (free of charge). Our suit enabled us the privilege to have breakfast in the mornings, packed launches, and a few meals outside. With lower food costs results higher savings (more spending money? Why not!).  

Our first learning experience:

Plan A

Initially we had rented a car from a local car mart. However, we ended up cancelling our reservations due to a mix up. After over an hour on the phone in aims of rebooking our car we decided to move forward and take a taxi to our stay instead. We would figure out the rest at a later time.

Plan B

To rent a car from Enterprise so that we could travel around California as planned. Again, this plan ended up not working. Due to a long weekend, enterprise ended up being closed. We then communicated our problem to our host family (those renting out their place for our stay). Thankfully they were able to lend their vehicle to us for a day without charge.

Yes! Things ended up working in our benefit as we were able to plan our schedule according to the girl’s needs. This meant visiting Los Angeles and Hollywood during the day, and an afternoon spent in Santa Monica Pier.

Stay tuned for part-two where I will be sharing tips and recommendation of what to eat and our experience with a three-day pass to Disneyland Resort! 

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