A New Beginning

Today. The second day of the new year. The feeling of celebration is still amongst us., Being a wife and mom while completing my BSW I do carry a couple of goals with me. My most important? Balance. The ability to balance my needs with my wants. Self care all the way!

Yesterday hubby and I made calls to extended family welcoming them into the New Year! Things feel so right. Yes, there have been times where we have been so lost physically, mentally, spiritually but this year… is our best year yet. We’ve actually started the new year with prayer and progress. As we both push forward on our goals.

As I sit at my office across the room, I can’t help but to acknowledge that we are complete. I’ve truly married the love of my life. We have both been through so much yet I sit across the room and synergize in affirmation.

And as for being a mom?... The girls are my everything, "life sparks kindness so that he lays down his life for his friend" 2 Corinthians 5:14. 
The point of doing more than what we say. The point of remaining consistent.

I authentically believe each and every morning brings a new beginning and what worse than to not make it count. Oh! Yes! And to bring visibility to what we create. In knowing that there is someone out there that needs to hear your voice. It would be selfish to keep it hidden. Don’t you think!

People talk about creating vision boards, etc. etc. etc. most definitely the visual helps but know your footing. Know who you are in means of knowing where you are going. Maybe it is waking up daily to reflect on what is and what is to be through journaling. Maybe it is taking a hot shower and a song. Most importantly, remember to remain authentic to who you are.  

Sharon KambaleComment