The human spirit needs two things in order to survive: to grow and to give. As you move forward tat you have what it takes to persevere through life’s daily challenges. Whether stress, anxiety, or creating work/life balance know that you have the energy within you to become all that you are meant to be. To meet the goals as you move through the process of achieving your dreams. You are worth it.

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Explore new solutions for reoccurring and troublesome issues surrounding stress, anxiety, and work/life balance. Sessions are guided by expressive art therapy as you begin to reconstruct personal paradigms. As you share your story, you will be granted the opportunity to explore difficult topics within your childhood and family history, current feelings and behavioural patterns. You will also engage in dialogue and techniques to help improve your current life circumstances.

In efforts of moving forward, you will have access to online resources that will assist you in self development and community leadership.



Through a safe and supportive environment you are guided alongside the process of self actualization. Within a sisterhood of women you are able to explore and discover your inner truth leading to increased confidence. Group facilitation occurs within a therapeutic atmosphere where you are able to connect using expressive art therapy.


As women, we wear a number of hats. We are mothers, daughters, employees, entrepreneurs and the list goes on. We are managers of life, but we tend to put ourselves last. Sharon Kambale will empower us on taking our lives back and the victories that are within.


Photography by Stacey Shymko.


Are you ready to take the leap?


You are able to attain an authentic lifestyle through a place of leadership, a place of service. As you represent the community you identify with use you gift to guide others. Know that you are placed on this earth to make a difference by sharing your truth. Your authentic truth.

Leadership Locally During Black History Month