I’m Sharon Kambale.

I immigrated here to Canada in 1995. At a young age I experienced abuse, poverty, and addiction hidden in family breakdown, social welfare, and the criminal justice system all rooted in years of mental illness. By keeping faith and education central within my life, I was privileged enough to go on and be placed in a position of leadership. It was through self awareness that I gained the ability to manage my stress, anxiety, and depression to better my mental health.
It is from doing inner and outer work that you too will be able to create safe and healthy habits in means of achieving the life that you know you are worthy of.


Motivation through Passion.

When people face stressors and pressures in their life it is not uncommon for feelings of helplessness and lack of energy to start to take over. My passion is to bring clarity to those who feel helpless and a lack of energy to start to feel energized and enjoy life. Through a feminist-approach, I help you move from fear to possibility and opportunity, using my tool box filled with personal and professional experience. 

Clinical Social Worker by Profession.

My professional experience has been brought forward through my work within the Ministry of Health, such as Saskatchewan Health Region; and community based organizations, such as Catholic Family Services and Saskatoon Interval House. I also carry with me specific training in cognitive behavioral therapy, expressive art therapy, and positive psychology.


Lady Via Community

Our community is comprised of women and girls who are also working towards being their best selves and building their best lives. With the love and support that our powerful, female community offers, you are never alone!


We’re Located At The TWO TWENTY


220 20th St W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0W9

Photo Credit: thetwotwenty.ca