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You will be ignited by the love and support that the Lady Via Community will provide you as you build your best life.


Now is the time! You know you are meant for so much more. Remember that in the process of change YOU matter. In order of truly building a lifestyle that is sustainable, you need to be willing to take care of you.

Through the Lady Via Community you receive the resources, tools, and strategies to gain the clarity that you need to live the life that you are worthy of living.Whether it is through a paradigm shift to increase productivity, or gaining financial freedom as you start up an authentic business, we are the place for you.As you begin to love all of you, you attract the experiences and places that are filled with an endless amount of possibilities.


It’s about taking a leap of faith.

Sharon Kambale  |  Founder


Our Mission

We are the trusted community of diverse female leaders who are committed to make an impactful difference in the lives of others as we rise to the next level. We are a safe space where you can begin to explore your authentic truth so that you can become all that you are meant to be.


Counselling + Workshops

Transformation occurs within three phases: self awareness, self acceptance, and into authentic leadership. As you work on overcoming your past history you are brought into an increased frequency as you attract your authentic potential.


Business Coaching

Through coaching, advising, and informational resources you gain tips and strategies from financial experts on the importance of financially giving, how to get out of debt, and budget into positive interest. 


Lady Via Foundation

A foundation designed to foster self-esteem, help girls maintain authentic connection with peers and adults within their community, counter trends towards self-doubt, and allow for genuine self expression through dance, discussion, and creativity. 


Ready to build your best life?

Begin now!